Money in Bulgaria

In Bulgaria the currency is Leva (BGN). 100 Stoytinki make 1 Leva and Stoytinkis are available in 0,01, 0,02, 0,05, 0,10 and 0,50 coins. The Leva is fixed to the Euro at a rate of € 1,- to BGN 1,9596. Wages are paid in Leva's. Keep in mind that around 23% of your monthly salary is reserved for social security payments. Euro's can be changed at exchange offices, but it is cheaper to just use an ATM to obtain Leva's. ATM's can be found pretty much anywhere. If you decide to live in Bulgaria, you will need a Bulgarian bank account. You can open one with your ID card or passport and address in Bulgaria. For more information on banking in Bulgaria, click here.